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Fall Force: Fall Guys' Newest Update

This New Update adds a new dimension of Player Impact in Fall Guys.

Announcement for Fall Guys' Update, Fall Force

Update Trailer Released Earlier Today

What's in the Update?

Although it appears to be a minor update compared to other primary content added in the past, the new features will surely refresh the game. This update adds new game mechanics that other players can use to help or hurt you.


A Fall Guy Bean using the newly added Push-Block to shove another character

One of the features mentioned in the trailer is a new Push-Block that other players can use to push you or other players. When getting punched, your bean will go flying across the map. This new tool seems interesting but could soon get annoying, especially in lower-quality custom maps.

The Player Button

A Fall Guy Character about to jump onto a button

The other prominent feature that this update will add is the addition of a new toggle button that can be activated by friends and foes alike. Depending on the status of the button pressed, the changes made can either help or hurt you. For example, an unpressed button can be used to unlock a hidden route, but as soon as the competition gets to it and jumps on the button, this new route will disappear, causing you to fall into an endless void.

Will this Update Save Fall Guys?

Although this update will add some new content that will add some light flavor to the game, this update won't save fall guys. This update seems like another attempt for Epic to get players back to the game, but due to the nature of Fall Guys and its temporary fun, this attempt will most likely fail. Now this update may not be a win for Epic, but it might be a win for the average Fall Guys enjoyer who wants to see some new content to their favorite game.


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