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Mastering Manor Lords: Your Guide to Horses and Oxen

In Manor Lords, managing your resources effectively is key to building a thriving settlement. Among the various assets at your disposal, horses and oxen play crucial roles in transportation and agriculture.

A large Ox in Manor Lords

This guide will help you understand how to best utilize these animals to boost productivity and efficiency in your medieval village.

Horses: The Swift Workers

Horses in Manor Lords are your go-to animals for speed and versatility. They excel in various tasks, from transporting goods to aiding in construction and farming.

Acquiring Horses

To get horses, you need to establish a stable. Stables are not just for housing horses; they also provide essential care and training facilities. Locate your stable near the center of your settlement to reduce travel time for workers and animals alike.

A development tree in Manor Lords

Using Horses

  • Transporting Goods: Horses can pull carts loaded with supplies, significantly reducing the time it takes to move resources from one place to another. This is particularly useful for large settlements where distances can be considerable.

  • Construction Aid: Horses can also help haul materials to construction sites. Assigning a horse to a construction crew can speed up the building process, ensuring projects are completed faster.

  • Agriculture: In the fields, horses can plow faster than oxen, making them ideal for quick turnover of farmland. This can be particularly beneficial during planting seasons when time is of the essence.

Maintaining Horses

Regular care is essential for keeping your horses healthy and productive. Ensure they are well-fed and rested. Establish a rotation system where horses can work and rest alternately to prevent overwork.

Pro Tip:

Use horses for time-sensitive tasks. Their speed can make a big difference when you need quick results, whether it's transporting urgently needed supplies or plowing fields before a rainstorm.

A large field in Manor Lords

Oxen: The Steady Giants

Oxen are the powerhouse of your settlement. They might not be as fast as horses, but their strength and stamina make them indispensable for heavy-duty tasks.

Acquiring Oxen

To get oxen, you need to build a barn. Barns provide shelter and care facilities for these robust animals. Position your barn near agricultural fields and resource storage areas to maximize their efficiency.

Using Oxen

  • Plowing Fields: Oxen are perfect for heavy plowing jobs. Their strength allows them to work for longer periods without tiring, making them ideal for preparing large fields for planting.

  • Transporting Heavy Loads: While they may move slower than horses, oxen can pull much heavier loads. Use them for transporting large quantities of resources such as timber, stone, and harvested crops.

  • Construction Assistance: When it comes to building large structures, oxen can be a huge help. Their ability to move heavy materials makes them valuable assets on construction sites.

Maintaining Oxen

Oxen require regular feeding and rest to maintain their strength. A well-maintained barn with ample food supplies and resting areas will keep your oxen in top condition. Regularly rotate their workload to prevent exhaustion.

Pro Tip:

Deploy oxen for tasks that require sheer power over speed. Their ability to handle heavy loads with ease can keep your settlement's logistics running smoothly, even during intense construction periods.

Adding a backyard extension in Manor Lords

Combining Forces: Horses and Oxen Together

Using horses and oxen in tandem can optimize your settlement’s productivity. Here’s how to effectively combine their strengths:

  • Field Preparation: Use oxen for the initial heavy plowing and follow up with horses for quick planting. This ensures that your fields are prepared and planted efficiently.

  • Resource Management: Assign oxen to transport bulk materials over short distances, and use horses for smaller, more frequent deliveries over longer distances. This balanced approach leverages the strengths of both animals.

  • Construction Projects: For building projects, deploy oxen to haul heavy materials to the site and horses to assist with the rapid movement of lighter supplies and workers. This dual approach can significantly reduce construction times.

Pro Tip:

Plan your logistics to take full advantage of the different capabilities of horses and oxen. By aligning their strengths with your settlement’s needs, you can create a more efficient and productive workflow.

A small field in Manor Lords


In Manor Lords, the effective use of horses and oxen can make a world of difference in your settlement's growth and prosperity.

Horses bring speed and agility, perfect for quick tasks and transportation, while oxen offer the muscle needed for heavy-duty work.

By understanding and leveraging their distinct abilities, you can optimize your resource management and construction efforts, leading your medieval village to success.

Remember, a balanced approach that utilizes both horses and oxen will ensure your settlement runs like a well-oiled machine.

Happy managing, and may your fields be fertile and your barns full!


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