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Minecraft Legends November Update Overview

Minecraft Legends has released its highly anticipated November 2023 update, bringing a host of new features, allies, and gameplay enhancements. This comprehensive overview summarizes the key additions and improvements introduced in this major update.

Minecraft Legends November Update Cover Image

The Witch and Cauldron

The Witch

  • A powerful ranged unit that throws potions, applying poison to all units in an area.

  • Spawned from Witch huts, which are activated periodically in versus matches.

  • Custom settings allow players to control Witch presence and activation timing.

The Cauldron

  • Special structures enhance nearby allied mobs with increased damage and knockback.

  • Buff applies automatically and lingers for 20 seconds outside the cauldron's influence.

Fearless Frog

Minecraft Legends Fearless Frog

The Fearless Frog

  • New mount available in both campaign and versus.

  • Boasts the highest jump height, faster swim speed, and reduced fall damage.

  • Ideal for navigating treetops and providing strategic advantages.

Clanger and Air Copper

Minecraft Legends' Clanger Piglin Mob

The Clanger

  • Disruptive Piglin with an area-of-effect attack, knocking back, and stunning player mobs.

  • Fast-moving, presenting a serious threat when combined with other Piglin units.

The Air Chopper

  • Giant fan allowing piglins to spread spores more effectively into the Overworld.

  • Blows away incoming player mobs while applying spore damage.

Additional Improvements

Minecraft Legends player going into battle

New Achievements / Trophies

  • 10 achievements encouraging exploration of the new content.

Sorting Heroes by Rarity

  • Players can now sort owned heroes by rarity.

General Improvements

  • Last used custom settings persist for the next game session.

  • Campaign and Versus have separate default settings per mode.

New Settings (All Modes)

Scenic Picture of Minecraft Legends

Various Customization Options

  • World Seed, Knockback Resistance, Hazard Damage/Density, Starting Build/Gather Allies, and more.

  • Enables tailored gameplay experiences.

Minecraft Legends' Biggest Update Highlights

Minecraft Legends player saving a village

Witches, Frogs, Clangers, and Air Choppers

  • Witches transform from foes to allies, utilizing poisonous potions.

  • Cauldrons strategically amplify allies' combat abilities.

  • Fearless Frogs provides a versatile and resilient mount.

  • Clangers and Air Choppers add new challenges with disruptive attacks.

Custom Game Settings

  • Introduces extensive customization options for both campaigns and versus modes.

  • Parameters include world seed, knockback resistance, hazard damage, and more.

  • Tailors the gaming experience to individual preferences.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Significant improvements in pathfinding, type selection, and banner view.

  • RPS Combat Balancing for strategic decision-making and rewarding favorable mob compositions.

  • PvP Updates with cost and damage balancing, faster matchmaking, and more.

Minecraft Legends November Update - Final Thoughts

Minecraft Legends player saving a temple

Minecraft Legends' November 2023 update represents a significant evolution, introducing new characters, mounts, customization options, and gameplay improvements. As the game continues to evolve, players can anticipate further innovations and challenges, fostering an engaged and excited Minecraft community. Read More about the Minecraft Legneds' November 2023 Update:


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