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Splatoon 3: Side Order DLC Release Date and More

This new DLC for Splatton 3 will feature replayability that other DLCs lack.

Introduction scene of the announcement trailer for the new Splatoon 3: Side Order Wave 2 DLC

What's being Added?

In Nintendo's most recent Direct streams, they revealed to the Splatoon community that a new DLC will be added to the game. Wave two: Side Order takes place in a new tower called the Spire of Order. As your character climbs the building, taking on enemies floor by floor, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your character's abilities. The developers of this new Splatoon DLC reached out to the community to reveal how this DLC will focus on a replayability factor, which DLCs in previous games have lacked.

New Faces

As you climb this never-ending tower, you will encounter new faces. Here are a few of the characters that you are going to come across on your tower-climbing adventure:


Action shot of Pearl

Pearl is a robotic companion meant to aid you on your ink journey. In the trailer, you can grab onto Pearl and use her as a drone, allowing your character to glide around your enemies. Pearl also appears as a guide, assisting the player on the endless conquest of flights of enemies.


Acht waiting by an elevator

While she isn't as outgoing and friendly as Pearl, Acht is your guide regarding Inkling upgrades. You first encounter her after receiving your first color chip, where she introduces you to the Pallett, the device used to receive player upgrades. Although she is reluctant to help you, it is revealed that she got sucked into the tower and cannot leave.

The new Player Upgrade Pallett

The Player Upgrade Pallett

This New Splatoon 3 DLC: Success or Fail?

Unlike the previous DLC, Wave 1: Inkopolis, it will be very likely that this DLC will be a bigger hit than Wave 1. The last DLC was poorly made and highly disregarded by the Splatoon 3 community. Weeks before Splatoon 3 first came out, the community was shocked to hear that there were talks of a DLC coming out. This would be problematic, as not only did the community feel that they were sold a half-finished game, but the developers at Splatoon 3 couldn't fully flesh out the game due to working on the DLC. This brings us back to the newly announced Side Order DLC. Since the entire Splatoon 3 team has all resources dedicated to this DLC, Wave 2: Side Order will most likely succeed


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