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The 17 Top Beginner Tips & Tricks in Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a vast and intricate game, offering numerous strategies and challenges. For beginners, diving into this medieval sandbox can be overwhelming.

To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve compiled a list of the top 17 beginner tips & tricks in Bannerlord. These will set you up for success and enhance your gaming experience.

A dramatic siege in Bannerlord

1. Start with a Balanced Character

Create a Versatile Hero

When creating your character, aim for a balance between combat and leadership skills. A well-rounded character can adapt to various situations, whether you're leading troops into battle or managing a settlement.

Focusing on diverse skills early on allows you to be flexible in your approach to the game, setting a solid foundation for future growth.

2. Focus on Early Quests

Build Reputation and Resources

Complete early quests to build your reputation and gather resources. These quests are usually straightforward and provide valuable rewards, such as gold and experience points, which are crucial in the early game.

Some quests can have you hunting for a band of bandits while others may have you protect a caravan delivery.

Additionally, completing quests helps you familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and storyline, making future challenges easier to handle.

3. Join Tournaments

Earn Gold and Fame

Participate in tournaments to earn gold, gear, and renown. Tournaments are a great way to hone your combat skills and gain valuable items without risking your troops.

Winning tournaments also boosts your fame, which can attract better recruits and open up more opportunities for alliances and support from other factions.

4. Recruit a Balanced Party

Mix Troops for Versatility

Recruit a mix of infantry, archers, and cavalry to create a versatile party. A balanced army can handle different combat scenarios more effectively, giving you an edge in battles.

This diversity ensures that you can adapt your tactics on the fly, making your army more resilient against various enemy strategies.

Fighting villagers in Bannerlord

5. Upgrade Your Troops

Strengthen Your Army

Regularly upgrade your troops to stronger units. This will significantly enhance your army's combat effectiveness and reduce casualties in battles. Upgraded units not only perform better in combat but also boost the morale of your army, leading to more decisive victories and fewer desertions.

6. Invest in Trade Skills

Boost Your Economy

Develop trade skills to boost your economy. Buying low and selling high can generate significant profits, funding your war efforts and expansion plans. Investing in trade not only enriches your coffers but also builds relationships with merchants, which can provide critical support in times of need.

7. Manage Your Inventory Wisely

Carry Essentials

Keep your inventory organized and carry essential items like food, medical supplies, and gear. Avoid hoarding unnecessary items that can slow you down.

An efficient inventory ensures you’re always prepared for unexpected situations, whether it’s a sudden battle or a long journey.

8. Train Your Companions

Build a Strong Team

Train your companions in various skills, such as medicine, engineering, and leadership. Companions with specialized skills can greatly enhance your party's capabilities and efficiency. A well-trained companion can turn the tide in critical moments, providing support that can save lives and ensure victory.

Crafting your own weapons and buying the best gear can also help give you an edge against any opposing foes.

Looking around an arena in Bannerlord

9. Scout Ahead

Gather Intelligence

Use your party's speed to scout ahead and gather intelligence on enemy movements. Knowing the enemy’s location and strength can help you avoid ambushes and plan your attacks more effectively.

Scouting also helps you find lucrative trade routes and safe paths, ensuring your travels are both profitable and safe.

10. Build Relationships with Lords

Form Alliances

Develop positive relationships with other lords and factions. Alliances can provide valuable support in battles and open up trade opportunities, strengthening your position in the game. Good relations with lords can also lead to marriage alliances, which can bolster your power and influence significantly.

Try developing relations with Lords from several cultures in order to best boost your odds of alliances.

11. Focus on Fief Management

Boost Settlement Prosperity

Manage your fiefs by investing in projects that improve prosperity, security, and loyalty. A well-managed fief generates more income and resources for your kingdom. Efficient fief management also reduces the risk of rebellions and ensures a steady flow of troops and supplies for your campaigns.

12. Prioritize Defense

Fortify Your Holdings

Ensure your towns and castles are well-defended by garrisoning troops and upgrading fortifications.

Strong defenses deter enemy attacks and protect your assets. Investing in defense not only secures your holdings but also provides a safe haven for your troops to regroup and recover.

13. Master Siege Tactics

Conquer Fortresses

Learn and practice siege tactics to effectively conquer enemy fortresses. Understanding how to use siege weapons and position your troops can make a significant difference in these critical battles.

Mastery of siege tactics allows you to capture key strategic locations, giving you control over vital resources and trade routes and could possibly allow you to start your own Kingdom one day.

Attacking a castle in Bannerlord

14. Utilize Formations

Optimize Combat Efficiency

Use different formations to optimize your troops’ effectiveness in combat. Formations can provide strategic advantages, such as better defense against cavalry or enhanced archery volleys. Mastering formations ensures that your troops perform at their best, maximizing their potential on the battlefield.

15. Exploit Terrain

Gain Tactical Advantage

Use the terrain to your advantage in battles. High ground, forests, and rivers can all provide tactical benefits, such as improved visibility or defensive cover.

Familiarizing yourself with the terrain can turn a challenging battle into a manageable one, giving you the upper hand against your foes.

16. Stay Mobile

Adapt to Situations

Keep your party mobile to adapt to changing situations. A fast-moving party can chase down fleeing enemies, avoid larger forces, and respond quickly to threats. Mobility allows you to exploit opportunities as they arise, keeping your enemies off-balance and unable to predict your next move.

17. Learn from Defeats

Improve Your Strategy

Don’t be discouraged by defeats. Instead, analyze what went wrong and learn from your mistakes. Each loss is an opportunity to refine your strategy and improve your skills.

Embracing failure as a learning tool will make you a more resilient and effective leader, capable of overcoming any challenge.

Getting captured in Bannerlord

Final Thoughts to Our 17 Beginner Tips & Tricks in Bannerlord

Embrace the Challenge

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a complex and rewarding game. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be better equipped to navigate its challenges and build a powerful kingdom. Remember, the key to success in Bannerlord is adaptability and continuous learning.

Embrace the challenge, and you’ll soon find yourself conquering the medieval world with confidence.

With these beginner tips in hand, you're ready to embark on your journey in Bannerlord. Whether you're leading your troops into battle, managing your settlements, or forging alliances, these strategies will help you thrive in this dynamic and engaging game.

So, saddle up, rally your forces, and carve your path to glory!


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