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The 2D Game that Will Revolutionize the Indie World - Erra: Exordium Game Review

Opening scene featuring the player

Games being 2 dimensional are extremely common in the Indie World, often playing as platformers or generic sandbox games. Erra: Exordium makes quite an exception, and is starting to cement itself as a must-play for indiegoers. Let's dive right into the Review

About the Indie Game Developers

Fair pixel game logo

Erra: Exordium was developed by FairPixel, a team of 5 developers all of whom specialized in one aspect of creating this game.

Normally, a team of 5 developers can easily work together full-time to create an entire storyline, graphics, and gameplay to form a game. That was the plan for these developers, a plan soon halted in late February when Russia invaded their home country of Ukraine. Although still facing challenges from this global conflict, FairPixel was still able to produce this game and even took inspiration from the war. Hopefully, we can all learn from these developers that even in spite of something bad happening outside of our control, we can all find some sort of positive outlook.


Erra: Exordium battle scene with robots

Erra: Exordium's takes place in a dieselpunk setting and plays like an adventure game. Some key game mechanics that make the gameplay interesting include a large arsenal of guns and other weapons, plenty of puzzles, an immersive storyline taking place in a robotic hell, and exciting bosses. The game also features extremely artistic cutscenes that inform the player about any previous lore. In Erra: Exordium, your main opponents are apocalyptic war robots who will attack you as soon as they get the chance. With plenty of time and precise skill, you can eventually evade attacks and eliminate any robotic foes that you may face.

Graphics of Erra: Exordium

Cinematic scene featuring the player

One of Erra: Exordium's traits that really makes the game stand out is its dystopian, pixel-like art style.

The dark, moody graphics really propel the game and definitely aid in conveying a good storyline.

Graphics are usually a struggle when it comes to Indie games, as games usually consist of thousands of assets. Fair Pixel did a very impressive job when it came to overcoming this obstacle. Every single one of Erra: Exordium's game assets were hand drawn by Fair Pixel's Vladymir P.

Final Thoughts

Erra: Exordium should not be ignored. Although it is extremely quiet in the game market right now, it won't be a surprise if they start to grow successful. Overall, the game is very impressive, professional, and remarkably entertaining to play. Consider checking out Erra: Exordium's steam page below. If you want to test the game for yourself, they are currently running a free demo that you can play to determine of this game is for you. Erra: Exordium's Steam Page


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