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The Mystery of Tools in Manor Lords

In the immersive strategy game Manor Lords, players often find themselves delving into the various aspects of village management, from building structures to trading goods.

Among the items at your disposal, tools stand out—but perhaps not for the reasons you'd expect.

Contrary to what one might assume, tools in Manor Lords are surprisingly useless in most functional aspects, serving almost exclusively as trade commodities.

Let’s dig into why tools exist in the game and how they can actually be beneficial despite their apparent lack of practical use.

A snowy village running out of supplies

Tools: A Red Herring in Gameplay

When you think of tools in a medieval strategy game, you might imagine them being used for construction, farming, or resource gathering.

However, in Manor Lords, tools do not fulfill these traditional roles. Instead, they are primarily commodities for trade, and this can be quite the head-scratcher for new players.

The Reality of Tools

  • Non-Functional: Unlike other resources like wood or stone, tools do not contribute to the actual processes of building or harvesting. You won’t find your villagers using axes to chop wood or hammers to erect buildings. This design choice simplifies certain aspects of resource management but also adds an unexpected twist to gameplay.

  • Trade Goods: The real value of tools lies in their role as trade goods. They can be produced and stockpiled to be traded with other settlements. This becomes particularly useful for obtaining resources that are scarce in your own village, helping to balance your economy and sustain growth.

Making the Most of Tools

So, if tools aren’t used for their traditional purposes, how can you make the most of them in Manor Lords? Here are some strategies to leverage tools effectively in your game:

  • Trade Optimization:

  • Production: Focus on producing tools in large quantities. Set up efficient production lines to churn out tools using available resources.

  • Economic Balance:

  • Resource Allocation: By trading tools, you can manage your resources more effectively. Convert surplus materials into tools, then trade these tools for the resources you lack.

Constructing a trading outpost in Manor Lords

A Quirk in the Design

The decision to make tools non-functional in the conventional sense might seem perplexing, but it adds a layer of strategic depth to Manor Lords. Players must adapt to this quirk and find ways to integrate it into their overall strategy.

  • Unexpected Challenges:

  • Strategic Thinking: This unusual approach forces players to think outside the box. Instead of relying on tools for direct actions, you must consider how they fit into the broader economic landscape.

  • Creative Gameplay:

  • Innovative Approaches: Embracing the trade-centric role of tools can lead to innovative gameplay strategies. Use tools as a buffer to stabilize your economy during tough times or as a means to gain favor with other settlements.

A bandit camp in Manor Lords

The Bigger Picture

While tools in Manor Lords might not serve the direct functional purposes you’d expect, they play a crucial role in the game’s economic system. Embracing their true utility as trade commodities can turn this apparent disadvantage into a strategic advantage.

Engaging with the Community

Discussing the peculiar role of tools with other players can also yield interesting insights. Many players share their strategies and tips on forums and social media, creating a vibrant community of Manor Lords enthusiasts.

Engaging with this community can help you refine your approach and discover new ways to optimize your gameplay.

A burgage plot in Manor Lords

Conclusion to Tools in Manor Lords

In the end, the peculiar role of tools in Manor Lords adds a unique twist to the game. While they may not be used for construction or farming, their value as trade goods can significantly impact your village’s prosperity.

Embrace this quirk, adapt your strategy, and you might find that tools are not as useless as they first appear. Happy trading, and may your settlements thrive in the medieval landscape of Manor Lords!


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