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This Indie Game Will Redeem the Point & Click Genre - The Midnight Crimes Game Review

Although some indie games may claim to have fantastic potential, no other game will than The Midnight Crimes.

Without further ado, let's get started.

About the Indie Developer

Created by the indie studio DeadlyCrow Games, The Midnight Crimes isn't the first game ever produced by the sole developer, Mr Crow.

DeadlyCrow Games logo

Initially formed in the Summer of 2019, Deadly Crow Games was founded to create video games that were not only unique to the current indie game market but games that focused on the community. The studio was also designed with honesty, integrity, inclusiveness, and the idea that the player always goes first.

In the last few years, Deadly Crow Games assembled several game titles, most notably his horror franchise, Escape the Ayuwoki.

Deadly Crow Games has been successful in making amazing games in the past, so it won't be a surprise that The Midnight Crimes will be a top-tier game.

The Story of The Midnight Crimes

Scene cut from the Game trailer of The Midnight Crimes

In the fictional city known as Midnight Cove, you take control of a former private investigator, Benjamin Leighton, whose family was killed a few years before the current day. At the start of the game, you are eventually tasked with finding a missing child, the perfect opportunity to escape the mundaneness of the guilt and insomnia the character faces. The game's entire story is then put into the player's hands, where it is up to you to overcome Benjamin Leighton's pass and find the missing child.


Dialogue between two characters in The Midnight Crimes

Point & Click games have a lousy reputation for being boring, often featuring too much repetition to get through the poorly crafted story. Unlike other Indie games of this genre, The Midnight Crimes makes a fantastic exception. Featuring several bars that can be altered based on your decisions, it is a unique addition that creates massive replayability in the game. Depending on each action you take, the entire storyline is slightly altered as your character gains stress or reputation. In The Midnight Crimes, you can also adopt pets, wonderful companions, to aid you on your quest to solve the case of the missing child.

Final Thoughts of this Point and Click Game

Dramatic Shot of the main character in The Midnight Crimes

Overall, The Midnight Crimes is not a game that should be slept on. Although there isn't a planned release date, this game will be a superb experience once it comes out. Its fantastic art style, unique game mechanics and exceptional storyline will make this game a must-buy when it comes out.

If you liked this content, check out The Midnight Crimes' free demo happening right now.

The Midnight Crimes Steam Page:


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