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Will Manor Lords have Castles?

Hey there, fellow medieval enthusiasts! If you've been immersing yourself in the captivating world of Manor Lords, you might have wondered: Will Manor Lords have Castles?

A medival castle featuring large walls and surrounded by forest

Let's delve into the details and uncover what the future holds for siege warfare in Manor Lords.

A Unique Focus on City-Building and Management

Manor Lords has already established itself as a standout title in the realm of medieval gaming, with its quirky setting and brilliant city-building features taking center stage. However, while battles are certainly a part of the gameplay, they're not the main attraction. 

Developer Greg "Slavic Magic" Styczeń made this abundantly clear in a blog post on Manor Lords' Steam page even before its early access release. 

Styczeń emphasized that Manor Lords is primarily a city builder with battles as a supporting feature.

Styczeń explains, "Manor Lords is not a Total War competitor. It's a city builder with battles. Yes, battles are there, but not as huge or as frequent as some of you might expect. The majority of gameplay is focused on city building and management."

A Burgage plot in Manor Lords

This focus on city-building is further emphasized by the availability of three difficulty settings, including one that removes battles entirely, allowing players to solely focus on the growth and management of their town.

Exploring the Potential for Siege Warfare

But what about the possibility of castles and siege warfare in Manor Lords? According to Styczeń, it's certainly on the radar for future development. 

In an interview, he hinted at the potential inclusion of castle siege warfare, citing its iconic status in medieval history. Styczeń revealed, "Castles, sieges, and siege engines are a fairly iconic part of the time period, and I have some grand plans for the implementation of these aspects."

Upgrading Burgage Plot in Manor Lords

Styczeń even showcased some early systems for castle sieges during development, indicating that it's a feature the team has been exploring. 

However, he also mentioned uncertainty regarding the extent of castle siege mechanics at launch versus what may be added during the early access period.

The Excitement of Siege Warfare

As a player deeply invested in Manor Lords, the prospect of siege warfare is incredibly enticing. After meticulously building up my town and overcoming various challenges, the idea of engaging in epic military campaigns adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay experience. 

While the current battles in Manor Lords are impressive, the addition of siege warfare would elevate the strategic depth and provide new avenues for expansion and conquest.

Picture this: after establishing a flourishing town and addressing all the logistical challenges, you find yourself facing off against rival lords in epic castle sieges. 

The thrill of commanding your forces against fortified strongholds, strategically deploying siege engines, and witnessing the chaos of battle unfold would be an unforgettable experience.

Conclusion to the Question: Will Manor Lords have Castles?

In conclusion, while Manor Lords may not currently feature castles and siege warfare, it's clear that the developers have ambitious plans for the game's future. 

A small skirmish in Manor Lords

As the game continues to evolve and grow during its early access period, the addition of castle siege mechanics could further enhance the immersive medieval experience for players.

So, whether you're content with the current state of Manor Lords or eagerly anticipating the introduction of siege warfare, one thing's for sure – the journey through medieval Europe in Manor Lords promises to be an exciting adventure filled with endless possibilities!


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