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What to Put in Fusion Reactor in Planet Crafter?

Ah, the elusive fusion reactor—a marvel of technology shrouded in mystery and intrigue. For players of The Planet Crafter, stumbling upon these enigmatic devices sparks a quest to unveil the secrets they hold.

Fusion Reactor in Planet Crafter

But what purpose do these reactors serve, and how can players harness their power to uncover hidden treasures?

But more specifically the Question is: What to Put in a Fusion Reactor

The Role of Fusion Energy Cells

An Introduction to Fusion Energy Cells

At first glance, the fusion energy cell may seem like a mere trinket, its purpose obscured by the complexities of its design.

Yet, beneath its unassuming facade lies the key to unlocking the dormant potential of fusion reactors scattered across the game world.

A Fusion Energy Cell in Planet Crafter

To obtain the blueprint for crafting this essential item, players must traverse the terraformation journey until they reach the lofty milestone of 360 GTi—a testament to their dedication and perseverance.

Within the depths of two ancient wrecks lie the dormant husks of fusion reactors, waiting patiently for the spark of life to awaken them from their slumber.

These wrecks, the Cirella-IV and the warp gate ruin, harbor secrets hidden behind locked doors—secrets that can only be revealed by the power of fusion energy cells.

Exploring Fusion Reactors

The Cirella-IV

Venture to the hill overlooking the standard landing site, and you'll find the remnants of the Cirella-IV—a once-majestic cargo ship now relegated to the annals of history.

The Cirella IV wreckage in Planet Crafter

Deep within its bowels lies a fusion reactor, its potential waiting to be unleashed. By inserting a fusion energy cell into its core, players can breathe life into this forgotten relic, activating emergency lights and unlocking hidden passageways to uncharted territories.

The Gate Wreck

In the desolate expanse of the northeast corner lies the warp gate ruin—an ancient monument to a bygone era. Here, amidst the shifting sands, lies another fusion reactor, its purpose shrouded in mystery.

The Gate Wreck in Planet Crafter

With a fusion energy cell in hand, players can illuminate the darkness of this forgotten ruin, revealing secrets long lost to time.

The Quest for Loot

Blue Crates

By unlocking the doors sealed by fusion reactors, players gain access to a trove of blue crates—each containing a bounty of riches waiting to be claimed.

Blue storage crate in Planet Crafter

Though the contents may vary, their value is undeniable, offering players a glimpse into the wealth of the cosmos.

The Answer to What to Put in Fusion Reactor

As we conclude our journey through the labyrinthine depths of fusion reactors in Planet Crafter, let us embrace the spirit of adventure that drives us ever onward.

With fusion energy cells in hand, players unlock not only doors but also the boundless potential of discovery.

So, fellow explorers, heed the call of the unknown and embark on a quest that transcends the confines of space and time—a journey into the heart of adventure awaits, and it is yours for the taking.


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